Beijing Shuoren Times Technology Corporation (Shuoren Times in short) was founded in 2003, located at Rainbow building, Haidian District of Beijing. Shuoren Times is one of the emerging high-tech companies in District Heating industry of China. With the up-to-date embedded computer technology in remote control and municipal automation, we are honored as one of the market leader in HVAC control and Energy & Environment solution, aiming to provide professional, intelligent and automatic products and service for DHC and heating end users.

     By improving energy efficiency and decreasing CO2 emission during heating, Shuoren Times is making a contribution to environment protection. We are focusing on heating centralized monitor and control system, heating metering and controlling system for central heating system and EPC. Our core products & system include: IDH intelligence heating management platform, boilers plant centralized monitoring and control system, heating network monitoring system & control system, heating exchange substation automatic control system, heating metering system, room temperature collecting system, covering every link in district heating, from the heating source, to the heating network, the heating station and heating end users, forming integrated energy saving operating solutions.

     By the end of 2015, Shuoren Times has about 300 employees, with subsidiaries & branches over Hebei, ShanDong, Xinjiang, Jilin, Shaan xi and Inner Mongolia, responding to local customers’ needs instantly. We have cooperated with more than 400 customers in district heating industry, supplying more than 9000 pcs sales of controllers over 900 millions square meters of central heating. The on-off heating metering devices have been applied on over 300,000 homes, covering around 30 million square meters of central heating area.

     Apart from the traditional energy saving service, we are expanding new business model such as EMC, PPP, heating network data service with our accumulated technological ability, rich experience in operation and good reputation around our customers.

     By the end of 2015, we have been granted with 39 patented technologies, 20 software copyrights. We also participated in the composition of 14 national and local industry standards.

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